October, 2018
By: Cathy Van Blarcum

“My Mom has been my best friend, confidant and partner in crime since I was a kid.  She has lived with me for the last 20 years, we traveled together and had a wonderful time.

However, accepting that it was time for her to move into another home environment was really difficult.  I was hysterical and cried to Tamara.  She showed me such care and compassion that first day, I knew this was the best place possible for my Mom.  To this day, she remains sincere, caring and compassionate, to me and all the residents every day.

Mom moved into Twin Cedars December 1, 2017.  I notice a lot when I visit my Mom.  I see how the residents look, how they smell, I see how the staff members treat the residents and very important – I see how the residents react to the staff.  I have said it before and I still say it again today, I am so thankful they have a great staff.

I know the heart of Twin Cedars begins with the owner, she really makes TC the wonderful place, a home. The staff is a direct reflection of that. They work very hard, I see it myself.  They are so very good to the residents and joke and play with them.  The whole feeling of TC is a very warm, caring and family environment.

The staff has unending patience with me, my questions and some slightly over the top requests.  On a great note, because of the care that my Mom has received over the last 10 months, I feel less protective and less worried as I know she is safe.  I visit once a week and always feel welcome and happy there.

I am thankful to all at Twin Cedars.  The house (a beautiful ranch style, and very large home) is always neat, clean, odor free and comfortable.  The food that is served is well balanced and very tasty.  There is a nice variety and they are always willing to help and offer choices.  The activities and enrichment programs seem endless.  You can tell that the people working there are doing it with love in their hearts. 

Not only do they take care of your loved one, they help you adjust to the new life you will have.  I cannot say enough positive wonderful things about Twin Cedars.  Having them so close to my home is a real blessing. 

Thank you Tamara and all the beautiful staff.  I will see you soon!”


August, 2018
By: Michael Lissner

“My mother was a resident at Twin Cedars for 5 years and I was very happy with the care she received. Tamara Singer and staff were very attentive to my mother’s needs. I am grateful to have a great resource such as Twin Cedars in my community.”


July, 2018
By: Unanymous

“My Dad is here and he loves it. We love it, they get 10's across the board.”


June 20, 2018
By: Unanymous

“This facility is located in a very rural setting where patients are able to enjoy the beautiful and serene amenities. It is hard to believe that this is located in rural Pike County, Pa. This facility is well organized and managed, offering physical therapy to encourage individual motivation and movement, assistance with basic living needs, bathing, dressing, grooming, etc. a full menu prepared on site to meet the dietary needs of patients with an alternative choice of entree. There is a nurse available for supervision and immediate advanced care, with medication review and scheduled delivery from a local pharmacy without the fear of running out of medication. There is a visiting physician to see patients and the local clergy provides spiritual support.

The staff is very caring and provides the needed positive support for everyday living. There is a lot of activities and field trips to keep our senior family members involved in living. This home away from home provides the security and peace of mind family members cannot fulfill due to other commitments, physical or home limitations, and financial requirements. After my Uncle and I visited, he feels this will meet his physical needs and I feel it will give me peace of mind knowing he is not alone, eating well and provided care.”


December, 2017
By: Janet V.

“My first impression of Twin Cedars was the day the owner/director, Tamara, came to my home to interview my mom and assess her needs. On meeting Tamara, I immediately felt that I had made the right decision. Tamara's sincerity, and her way of speaking directly and knowledgeably about the work that she's obviously been called to do was assuring and made me feel confident that I was doing the right thing. I left the choice about mom's room/roommate to Tamara, who intuitive placed her with a really good match. (they became best friends!) Twin Cedars is a local facility to my home, and so I was able to visit regularly. I found the staff always warm and welcoming. For me, that was one of the other most important qualities Twin Cedars offers - the caregivers - professional and compassionate. Additionally, the bedrooms and bathrooms were always neat and clean, and there's a very homey atmosphere in the layout of the facility. Mom said the food was "very good". The activities were plentiful and the religious services were especially good for my mom.

Tamara was always available for any questions I had, and the staff were helpful in doing all they could to make my life easier and take on all of mom's needs. There's a monthly newsletter so you're abreast of what's going on, and a lot of fun outings and events. This facility was recommended to me by an at-home private caretaker who had worked there part-time, and so she assured me my mom would be okay there. Thankfully, Twin Cedars did live up to that recommendation.”


November, 2017
By: Jane, Merry and Jeanne-Marie 

“Twin Cedars is a dream come true for me and for my sisters. Our brother is in a place where he can relax and enjoy the activities, eat the delicious food and rest when he needs to. Thank you to Tamara and the entire staff!!!”


May, 2016
By: Kenneth BJZTMB

“My mother has been in Twin Cedars for close to two months now. It's in a country setting, set up more like a lodge, and small with only 37 residents. It's well kept and clean. They seem to be very attentive to the residents. They have exercise classes, trivia classes, games, and a central area where the residents can come sit and watch TV together and hang out. They have a separate room where they have their exercise classes and some kind of music where someone will come in to play the piano and sing. They have religious services on Sundays if you're interested in that. My mom gets her hair done once a week. We never really see residents that are just sitting around unattended. Her medication is timely. The prices around New York were almost twice as much as what we're paying here. I really like it, and they seem to be doing a good job in taking care of my mother, so we're happy. The rooms were in three wings outside of a centrally located lounge area set up nicely. The food is very good there. If I wanted to have lunch with my mom, all we have to do is let them know and for a small stipend, we can have lunch with them. I also like that everything is on one floor.”


January, 2016
By: Patrice D

“I would like to express how wonderful Twin Cedars was to my mom. My mom stayed numerous times for respite care when I was away for a week at a time and I knew she was well taken care of and in return that helped me to relax. I had to place my mom permanently in assisted living/memory care a few months ago and if I didn't live in another state I wouldn't have thought twice about making Twin Cedars her permanent residence! I would also like to comment on the ease that Tamara at Twin Cedars made when I was trying to make arrangements in advance for myself to take a break from full time caregiving.

I've tried a couple of other places prior to Twin Cedars and it was very difficult to get a committed date and make plans in advance. Tamara made that 100% care free which is huge when being stressed to begin with! So thank you Tamara and the staff at Twin Cedars for taking such good care of my Mom!!”


December, 2015
By: 57waffles

“My mom has stayed at Twin Cedars before, and she continues to go there for daily visits. I have found it to be a very safe and comfortable place. Tamara the owner is always reachable to answer any questions or help in any way. The staff is kind, caring and compassionate. They act professionally and are very courteous. I feel comfortable leaving my mom in their competent hands. There are various activities going on daily. I also know that I will be contacted immediately if my mom needs me. I have walked in at different times without warning and always found the atmosphere friendly and warm.”


October, 2015
By: Unanymous

“Twin Cedars is a great place. The owner, Tamara, is very compassionate and took the time to come see my mom and talk with her regarding her new living facility and to get an idea as to how her apartment was decorated so she can make mom more comfortable. My mom had some questions and Tamara answered them to her liking. Mom says she likes Twin Cedars. Everyone there is very friendly including the night help.....and, she loves the food! She also likes the fact that they have things for you to do all day and once a week (or more) they go out to special senior events in the area. At one time in her life, mom and dad ran a boarding house not too far from Twin Cedars, so she feels that she knows the area and, of course, likes the grounds around Twin Cedars. They have made a paved pathway around the area for the residents to walk. Tamara thought of everything for her residents.”


October, 2014
By: Lorraine M.

“If you are looking for a place for a loved one, please consider Twin Cedars, It is one of the best facilities in our area. Everyone there, sincerely cares about the people who live there. Tamara, the owner, has poured her heart & soul into making this a comfortable and supportive home for men and women who can no longer be at home alone, or need to be cared for, by someone else. Placing a loved one in any kind of facility is a very hard thing for any family member to have to do!

Tamara made this transition so much easier for me, and for my mom. She spent so much individual time with mom trying to get to know her and to see what her individual needs would be, as a resident there. Tara, the nurse also spent extra time with my mom. There were a few times when mom was very sick or needed special attention that Tara, came back after her shift or even late at night to check on her, or just sit with her, until she was better, and resting again. She did this on her own, because she cared so much! My mom had dementia and at times became very upset and disoriented. She seemed to get worse at night, and that was when she carried on the most. I never met the girls that worked that shift, and they were affected the most by mom's condition.

The day that my mom passed away, one of those girls, who worked that shift was coming into work. She immediately came over to me to say how sorry she was, and hugged me........she cried right along with my daughter and me. That is definitely a person that cares about other people!

I want to thank everyone at Twin Cedars for the wonderful care and concern that you all gave to my mom. I will forever be grateful for everything that you did for her and for me! Thank you again so very, very much! Lorraine and "The Family of Livia Matthews".


April, 2014
By: Erin

“Someone very special to me is at Twin Cedars and the staff and the Administrator are very kind and helpful to her needs. I highly recommend Twin Cedars to anyone with loved ones who need special care, you won't find a better place for your loved one to be cared for!”


November, 2013
By: Christopher

”From the initial tour of the facilities, through moving my wife in all questions and any concerns were fully discussed. The owner and staff were very attentive to learning about my wife's needs and quickly adopted to the medication schedule she required. The facility was and is kept clean.?The food is good and my wife's room overlooks a pleasant outdoor setting. Top notch and because there are only 37 residents, everyone gets personal attention.”


October, 2013
By: Jenn Doherty

“Twin Cedars Senior Living has been a wonderful experience for our family. Dad suffers from memory loss and likes to explore. To know that he is safe, secure and well taken care of is a gift. Tamara and her staff are an incredible group of people.”