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Does your home have private bedrooms?

Yes, Twin Cedars has 24 bedrooms. 11 bedrooms are private rooms and 13 of them are shared rooms. We furnish each bedroom with a bed and linens, dresser, nightstand and lamp. However, we encourage each of our residents (and their families) to furnish their own room with familiar articles or furnishings from home.

Does Twin Cedar’s have specific visiting hours?

Visiting hours are from 10am to 10pm seven days a week. Between the hours of 8pm to 10pm, we ask that guests visit in common areas of the home so as not to disturb a roommate.

Are there activities during the day?

Yes. Twin Cedar’s is staffed with a full-time activity coordinator. The activity coordinator is primarily responsible for the sensory, social, cognitive, spiritual and physical stimulation of each individual resident. Programs range from group activities to individual therapies, as well as Twin Cedar’s trips to various destinations in the local community and throughout Pike County.

Are meals served at scheduled times? Do the residents have to eat at that time?

While breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at general times, we try to respect and support the lifestyles our residents have practiced all their lives. Late risers and early risers may not necessarily eat breakfast together. Lunch and dinner are usually served at 12:15 PM and 5:15 PM.

In addition to the need to provide a well-balanced and nutritious meal, we strongly encourage the socialization that occurs at mealtime. We will continue to encourage all residents to eat their meals with the other residents and we will make every necessary effort to accommodate special dietary needs when prescribed by the resident's attending physician.

Do you have doctors and nurses?

Residents are required to have a primary physician of their choice. Twin Cedar’s does not contract with, nor have any financial relationship with any physician or physician group. We allow the primary physician access to our home in order to minimize resident inconvenience with travel, yet we do have a physician who comes to Twin Cedar’s monthly to those who are interested in this option.
Twin Cedar’s has a team of nurses whom oversee all medical care of our residents in the home.

Can you take dad to the doctor's office and other appointments?

Yes, there are a couple of options. With advance notice Twin Cedar’s will transport your loved one to an appointment by one of our employees in our Twin Cedar’s van or car service. We will provide you with a bill for this fee for service. The cost of the staff person's time and mileage will be billed to your monthly statement. Also, you may choose to utilize one of the many outside professionals who provide their services at Twin Cedar’s. Providers such as internists, podiatrists, psychiatrists, physical therapists, hospice care, home health agencies and companion services are willing to make house calls to Twin Cedar’s. Our residents or family members are responsible for payment directly to these providers of service.

Will my mother have to move on to a nursing home when she needs more and more care?

Embracing the philosophy that all of our residents should be allowed to "age in place", Twin Cedar’s will ensure that families are well-informed about the level of care their loved one needs to remain in our home. As care needs may increase over time, we will assist families in arranging for additional home care options or hospice services to be provided at Twin Cedars’ allowing our residents to continue to reside in our home .

Should I put a TV in Dad's room?

It is the individual choice of our residents, and their family members, to have a television in their room. All of our rooms are cable ready, if our resident desires this additional service. We encourage socialization and participation in our activity programs, and prefer residents to view television programs together in common areas of the home, but recognize individual desires for privacy and quiet time in their rooms.

Mom's a little confused. Will you take her?

Yes, as long as she is not at risk for wandering away from the home. We recognize and support the needs of anyone who requires assistance with activities of daily living, and will work very closely with family members to ensure there is a clear understanding of our environment and it's suitability for their loved one.

Dad uses a walker. Will you still take him?

Yes. We accommodate all residents, including those who need the assistance of a walker. We do not discriminate against people with disabilities.