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February, 2012

February, 2012

A new and holistic approach to care-giving is being practiced at Twin Cedar’s Senior Living that honors the whole person – physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. This holistic approach promotes aging in place for the seniors residing at this small assisted living facility in Shohola.  The focus on a holistic approach towards wellness  includes regular physical activities, social interactions & programs, mental stimulation, spiritual services as well as additional alternative therapies.

Concern for providing more effective pain and chronic disease management has led Twin Cedar’s Senior Living to offer nutritional and hydration therapy, exercise such as yoga, meditation and mind-body programs for disease management. Other programs being offered include Music Therapy, Balance and Strength Training, Massage and Vitamin Therapy.  Twin Cedar’s is also in the process of bringing on board a certified Acupuncturist to assist in alleviating chronic pain some of their seniors suffer from.

Many so-called alternative or holistic therapies have been long-standing practices in the field of nursing. These therapies are generally provided as adjunct to traditional medical and nursing therapies.

Research has shown that massage has been proven to be effective in reducing pain. Other therapies such as guided imagery are a very effective intervention for a range of situations from stress and anxiety to acute or chronic pain.

At Twin Cedar’s, the wellness team looks at the “whole” person in order to make a complete evaluation of each senior’s  needs and what programs and services they would benefit most from.  Each resident is assessed for their social and leisure interests, current cognitive status, spiritual preferences,  physical & occupational therapy needs, pain levels, and dietary requirements.  Most importantly, their medications are reviewed and evaluated to eliminate the need for any unnecessary medications and negative drug interaction results. 
These services are offered as part of the ongoing effort to support residents in an integrative approach to care and wellness.

Tamara Singer, CEO of Twin Cedar’s Senior Living, believes that proper care by compassionate professionals, good nutrition, adequate hydration, physical movement, spiritual sustenance and social engagement can make a world of difference in an elderly person's health and quality of life.