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June, 2015

Pike County volunteer and local Ombudsman, Kay Winkeleer has been visiting
us for years.  She has gotten to know many of the seniors and Veterans
residing here, especially Walter Wilson, whose friends call him “Sarge “
Mr. Wilson served in the US Air Force and flew the President on Air Force
One all over Europe.    Mrs. Winkeleer makes a special effort to visit
with “Sarge” upon her routine Ombudsman rounds, in which she has taken the
opportunity to learn about his life and to reminisce about his air force

This week Mrs. Winkeleer presented Mr. Wilson with a special gift with
grant funds donated by the Pike County Area Agency on Aging.  She had
approached the Agency regarding her special friend at Twin Cedars and her
desire to purchase a unique plush bear that sang US Air Force songs,
hoping to spark more vivid memories of his time in the service.  The
Agency decided to purchase the gift for Mr. Wilson which was presented to
him by Kay Winkeleer and her husband Mitch.  Mr. Wilson was pleasantly
surprised and whistled along to the songs that he remembered.