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July, 2016

We are proud to announce our fifth year as the leading provider of
assisted living services and senior housing in Pike County. On July 7th,
the company recognized the occasion with a celebration amongst its senior
residents and employees throughout the day.
Twin Cedars originated in 1990 when Bruce and Linda Harding, the company’s
original founder’s, built the senior residence on their farmland through
the donations and assistance of many friends, church members and neighbors
in the community.  Members of the community donated their time to assist
in the design, construction and interior aesthetics of the facility.

In 2010, and after 22 years of business, the Harding’s decided they wanted
to retire and sold Twin Cedar’s to Tamara Singer.   On July 1, 2011 Ms.
Tamara Singer took ownership of Twin Cedar’s who has continued their
vision and lifelong commitment to caring for seniors.
 “We would like to thank the community for their ongoing support over the
past 27 years.  We continually seek ways to improve what we are doing in
order to satisfy the needs of our seniors and to ensure their safety and
happiness. Our goals continue to be to provide quality care in a homelike
environment, keeping our residents active and their minds stimulated,
while giving family members peace of mind.  Our reputation remains strong
and the past five years have flown by quickly!  I am very proud of my
staff and residents and am honored to be part of making a difference in
the daily lives of our seniors” states Ms. Singer.